Our Society
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Our Society

The Busselton Historical Society is a Not For Profit Community Group that runs on a shoestring that depends upon the enthusiasm of its member volunteers.


The very first meeting of the Busselton Historical Society in 1938 cited its object was to record and collect the historical data of the district.  This meant collecting and recording the artefacts and ephemera that illustrate the rich and diverse history of the Busselton area and to some degree the Southwest region.


We now find our role is evolving from building a collection to the conservation and preservation of this collection, the interpretation of this collection and working with the City of Busselton to ensure that we have a safe, relevant and educational community asset.


All members of our Society are volunteers who work hard to keep the Museum open, ensure it is a safe and friendly place to visit and continually strive to improve the experience for our visitors whether it is through technology or sheer hard work!


We also try to have a little fun a long the way. Every Tuesday we meet for morning tea and discuss what’s going on, tell a joke or two and plan what to do next.

After the fire of 2018 all our damaged items were moved to the old library in Prince St where our members worked tirelessly to clean and repair the damaged artefacts.  Volunteer members involved in this work were provided Conservatorship training from personnel from the WA Museum.

Many of our men are retired farmers or tradesmen and they enjoy working in the workshop to restore and repair items from our collection.   Items can range from buildings, carriages, pieces of farm machinery to small, delicate artefacts from our collection.


The Museum is closed on Tuesday so that our members can work on site doing restoration and maintenance tasks that are required to keep our Museum open.  As a reward for all the hard work they get to enjoy morning tea with sandwiches and scones freshly made by our kitchen fairies.

Who wouldn’t want to come and join this happy group that are working tirelessly to maintain a valuable community asset!