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Join Us

The Busselton Historical Society is always looking for new members.  It takes a lot to run a museum of our size.  If you don’t agree, look at the list of activities below that are essential to keeping the Museum running


Activity Description
Hosting The volunteer members who man museum reception when the Museum is open and assist visitors with their queries are called hosts.  Without enough volunteers to perform these duties we will have to consider reducing our opening hours.
Cleaning COVID taught us our venues must be spick and span and with the size of our premises this is a never-ending task
Building Maintenance Like all buildings, our buildings need to be maintained.  This may mean anything from fixing gutters, painting, repairing pavement etc.  If you are a retired farmer of tradesman, I’m sure we can find a job for you
Grounds Maintenance We have beautiful grounds and gardens at the Butter Factory but they take work to maintain
Artefact conservation / restoration Many of the items in our collection are fragile and need special handling and care to ensure their longevity
Public Research Queries We run a service to the public where we do research on the Museum archives for people who wish to know more about people, buildings or items from the Busselton area.
Item Research We are constantly trying to find more information about the artefacts in our collection so that this information can be added to our online catalogue in Collections WA and / or displayed on interpretive signage.  If these details are not recorded, they may be lost forever.
Collection Maintenance We need people who manage where our artefacts are stored and / or displayed and to set up special displays.
Collections WA We have a team of people who are accessioning items into our online platform Collections WA.  Due to the size of our collection, we believe that this project will take a couple years to complete
Artefact Labelling We lost all the labels on our internal collection in the fire of 2018 and are in the process of recreating them.  Once again this will take a while due to the size of the collection
Photograph Management We have a lot of photographs at the Museum and all have to be scanned, digitally stored and catalogued and the originals archived.  Also, as we like to have some of the collection available to the public via albums, these albums need to be managed.
Group Bookings When large groups, like schools or community groups, visit the Museum we like to customise their visit to suit their requirements.
Interpretative Signage We are creating interpretative signage for our collection highlights so that visitors can get a better understanding of what they are seeing and how the item fits into the local context
Office Activities e.g. filing, stationery etc As with any community group or business we have office administration that needs to be done
Rosters We need to produce Rosters for our Hosts so that they know when they are required at the Museum
Committee duties Like many other NFPs of our size we are struggling to find people who want to take on the extra responsibilities associated with a committee position however we cannot survive without people who will do this.
Grants and Projects A lot of our funding for our larger projects is provided by grants so if you have any experience writing grant applications or running projects we want you
Digital marketing We currently have a web site and post on Facebook but could do more if weren’t so constrained by our resources and knowledge in this area
Butter Making with Society member volunteer Delys Forrest
Society member volunteer Delys Forrest demonstrating butter making at the 100 Year Anniversary of Group Settlement Gala Day
Milk separating with Society member volunteer Elwyn Harries and an eager assistant
Milk separating with Society member volunteer Elwyn Harries and an eager assistant at the 100 Year Anniversary of Group Settlement Gala Day
Society member volunteer Malcolm Paine working the Blacksmith Forge
Society member volunteer Malcolm Paine working the Blacksmith Forge at the 100 Year Anniversary of Group Settlement Gala Day


If any of the activities listed above interest you and you feel you would like to try the volunteer experience, drop down to the Museum on Tuesday morning and speak to a member about how you can get involved or email [email protected].  Membership is $10 per annum.