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05 Sep 2018 Museum Men at Work

Recently members were allowed back into the working sheds at the museum and have been very busy restoring and repairing the grounds, furniture and machinery that was damaged in the fire, March 26th this year.  A huge thank you for their time and fabulous effort.   ...

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20 Jan Our Tombstone Walks

The  Busselton weather was perfect for the B.H.S. Tombstone Walks held this week during  The Festival of Busselton, Jan 2018. People attending visited St Marys Churchyard and The Pioneer Cemetery and listened to tales about Busseltons founding families, (e.g. Bussells, Molloys, Laymans, Chapmans) and early settlers, (e.g....

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02 Feb Construction of the Horse

NEW DISPLAY! Over many months in 2015/2016 our band of willing volunteers have put in an amazing effort to design and construct a life size model of a Dray Horse and its handler to accompany the re-furbished Sleeper Cutter’s Dray. This painstaking work took the best part of a year,...

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